By-Election to be held for Campden & Vale District Council seat

A By-Election will be held for one of the two Campden & Vale District Council seats after Councillor Mark Arnett lost his seat for not attending any Cotswold District Council meeting for more than six months without a reason approved by the Council. 

Under Section 85 of the Local Government Act 1972, a Member of a local authority loses office if they do not attend any meetings of the authority at least once in any six-month period unless the failure to attend was due to a reason approved by the authority before the six month period expired. Once that period passes and there is no approved reason, the councillor in question is automatically disqualified and the Council is required to hold a By-Election in compliance with national legislation. 

The notice of a vacancy on the District Council was published in accordance with national regulations meaning the seat is now vacant.

The formal notice for the By-Election was issued on Wednesday 29 December 2021 with the vote scheduled to take place on Thursday 3 February 2022. Full information of the schedule will be posted on the Council website. 

The Council is now calling for residents in the area to ensure they are registered to vote so that they can take part in the By-Election.

To take part in the election anyone 18 or over must be registered to vote in the area they live in. Some people eligible to vote may not be registered and therefore will not be able to cast a vote. This may be because they have recently moved or are voting for the first time. 

Residents who aren't registered will have until Tuesday 18 January 2022 to register and are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. To do so they should visit the Government website at or contact Cotswold District Council if unable to register online.

Poll cards will be sent to all individuals registered to vote ahead of the election which will contain information on polling stations.

As with all other elections, postal voting will also be an option for residents to choose and an application for a postal vote must be submitted to Cotswold District Council by 5 pm on Wednesday 19 January 2022. For an application form, residents should visit the Council website or contact Cotswold District Council directly.

After the Notice of Election is issued on 29 December 2021, residents will be able to put themselves forward as candidates in the election and will need to submit a nomination paper to the Returning Officer at Cotswold District Council by 4 pm on Friday 7 January 2022. Nomination papers will be made available on the Council website where details of office opening times are also given.

Robert Weaver, Returning Officer for Cotswold District Council, said; “Taking part in local democracy is important and I would encourage all residents of the Campden & Vale Ward to register to vote and take part in the By-Election.

“I would also recommend people make sure they get registered, apply for a postal or proxy vote as soon as possible so they don't miss out on their chance to vote.”

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