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Consistency and continuity promised for victims of anti-social behaviour

Cotswold District Council, alongside Gloucestershire Health & Care Foundation Trust, Bromford Housing, Young Gloucestershire and Green Square Accord, have come together in support for Safer Gloucestershire’s new anti-social behaviour pledge. 

The pledge, which was led by the Police and Crime Commission (PCC) and launched during Anti-Social Behaviour week (18-22 July 2022), promises to stop victims of anti-social behaviour being sent between different agencies for support.

Councillor Ray Brassington, who is also a member of the Gloucestershire Police and Crime Panel, signed the pledge on behalf of Cotswold District Council.

Cllr Ray Brassington said: “Safer Gloucestershire’s new anti social behaviour pledge is something we are committed to supporting. As a Council, we’re dedicated to making our communities safer. We recognise that anti-social behaviour, whether in rural or urban settings can cause a huge amount of upset, disruption and distress.

“This new pledge highlights the lasting effects that antisocial behaviour can have on victims, putting the victims first throughout the entire process. We understand how frustrating and distressing it can be to be passed around to different agencies. We hope that this approach will make our residents feel safer and better supported if they ever find themselves affected by anti-social behaviour.” 

Nick Evans Chair of Safer Gloucestershire Nick Evans, Chair of Safer Gloucestershire commented that the pledge works on a ‘no wrong door’ policy, putting the victim first at every step in the process and making sure they are suitably supported at every point of contact and not merely passed around to different agencies. The policy outlines a change of mindset from organisations not only thinking ‘what can my agency do to help this resident find a solution, but who can I speak to at other agencies to help them too.’

Cllr Brassington continued: “Multi agency working is extremely effective if done right and that starts with communications. This pledge will make sure victims are communicated with effectively and supported appropriately every step of the way. We want consistency and continuity for victims of anti-social behaviour and Safer Gloucestershire’s new policy will help to deliver this for our residents.”

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