CDC sets 2020 budget

Council approves budget, increasing investment in economic development and tackling climate change

At a full council meeting this week, Cotswold District Councillors approved a net revenue budget for 2020/21 of £12.3 million with a capital programme of investment of £60 million over the next three years.

The approved budget means the Council will invest in: combating the climate emergency, developing genuinely affordable homes, improving waste and recycling services, improving parking provision and supporting economic development.

An average Band D household in the Cotswold District will pay £133.93 per year in 2021 for the services Cotswold District Council provides; a rise of £5, just 10p per week.

Key elements of the budget include:

  • An update to the Local Plan to ensure it is ‘green to the core’, meeting housing needs and responding to the challenge of the climate emergency;
  • Funding to improve the new waste and recycling services; 
  • Capital allocations to improve parking and develop social rented housing;
  • Investment in the economic development of the District to support business growth and boost job opportunities;
  • Development of a strategy to improve health and wellbeing in all our communities;
  • Ensuring that the most vulnerable people in the District do not have to pay Council tax;
  • Increased funding for grants to support the work of community organisations across the District.

Cllr Mike Evemy, Deputy Leader of Cotswold District Council and Cabinet Member for Finance said: "This budget will help us rebuild the Council after nearly a decade of austerity, and give us the foundation on which to deliver our comprehensive plan for the Cotswolds.

“This budget is ambitious, but it is also deliverable and prudent, with over £1.1 million worth of savings. It brings to life the aims and ambitions of our new Administration. We’re going to tackle the climate emergency and deliver social rented homes. We’re also going to strengthen our local economy, all whilst building the financial resilience of the Council.”

Cotswold District Council provides a wide range of services including waste and recycling, planning, environmental health, council tax support, housing, parking, community safety, leisure and cultural services (which include the award-winning Corinium Museum), benefits administration and advice, elections, youth work, licensing and flood management.

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Cotswold District Council Communications Team

Notes to editors

The Councils Corporate priorities agreed in September 2019:

Our Priorities:

Working towards our aim, we have the following key areas of focus:

  • Respond to the challenges presented by the Climate Change Emergency
  • Deliver good quality social rented homes
  • Present a Local Plan which is Green to the Core
  • Ensure that all services delivered by the Council are delivered to the highest standard 
  • Help residents, businesses and communities to access the support they need to ensure a high level of health and well-being


Our Principles

Everything we do will be built on the following principles:

  • Rebuilding trust and confidence in the Council by promoting a culture of openness and transparency
  • Value for money - we will use the Council’s resources wisely but will invest in fabric and future of the District
  • Listen, Hear, Act - we will seek thoughts and ambitions from our residents to inform our decision-making