Playing Pitch Strategy

Council to work with local communities to improve sport pitches across the district

Cotswold District Council will be working with local communities across the district to look at the future needs for playing pitches and how existing pitches can be improved to accommodate current needs following the publication of a review.

The Council has published its latest Playing Pitch Strategy (2023), that sets out how playing pitches for a wide range of sports can be improved across the district. 

The strategy is based on in-depth research into the current playing pitches provided across the district, looking at the different sports that need pitches, who is using them and what quality they are.

It suggests a range of improvements from upgrading the quality of some existing pitches, looking at how they can be better used for a wider range of sports and what parts of the district are short on pitches altogether.

Along with suggesting interventions that can be made, the strategy provides a robust evidence base for use in funding applications and supports the planning process by identifying what communities need. This will allow communities to request funding from grant funders and new housing developments to improve or build new playing pitches. 

The Council will collaborate with local organisations, such as town and parish councils and local sports clubs, to find out from them what they need and how we can work together to achieve the recommended improvements in partnership. This collaborative working is vital to the success and implementation of the Playing Pitch Strategy.

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson, Cabinet Member for Health, Leisure & Culture, said: “Having local sports pitches is essential for the health well-being of communities, particularly during this cost of living crisis. These team sport facilities offer an affordable and easily accessible means of promoting wellbeing and fitness and fostering social connections.

“Communities with access to sports pitches not only thrive but also witness a decrease in antisocial behaviour. 

“This is a short to medium-term strategy for the district and I am looking forward to working with local organisations and partners to deliver on the suggested improvements.”

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A Playing Pitch Strategy delivers the evidence required to ensure that sufficient land is available to meet existing and projected future outdoor sport requirements. Its robust evidence base should inform and be implemented into planning policy and other relevant corporate strategies to enable local policies, planning and sport development criteria to work efficiently and effectively.