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The way we collect and process your food waste is changing!

Cotswold District Council is calling on residents to make sure they are prepared for key changes to its food and garden waste services, coming next month.

The new and improved services come into force in March 2020 and will require residents to separate their food and garden waste using new outdoor food waste bins, being delivered to households in the coming weeks.

WATCH this video to learn all about why we’re changing how we process food waste:

When the new service goes live, food and garden waste will no longer be processed together. Instead, food waste will be taken to a special processing facility, where it will be used to create Biogas and Food-Grade Fertiliser. 

Garden waste will be sent separately for Open Windrow Composting. 

It is vital that residents no longer put food waste into their green garden waste bins to avoid the risk of contamination, and the spread of diseases like BSE, are much greater if food waste makes its way into Open Windrow Composting. 

Food waste will not be accepted in your garden waste bin from this date and any bins found containing food waste will not be emptied. Collection crews will check and if they find food waste in your garden bins, they won’t be able to collect them. 

Please remember that from Wednesday 18 March, garden waste collections will change to a fortnightly collection frequency. Food waste will continue to be collected weekly using the new larger and more robust food waste bins.

If you subscribe to the service, you can continue to use your garden bin to recycle lawn and hedge cuttings, leaf and windfall. 

For more information on the changes, please visit: 

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