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Unleashing the power of community with Crowdfund Cotswold

Cotswold District Council is inviting residents and community groups to come forward with ideas to improve their local area to a free Crowdfund Cotswold workshop.

Crowdfund Cotswold, the Council’s award-winning crowdfunding platform, is gearing up for the next funding round of the scheme and hosting a free virtual workshop on Monday 17 July at 1 pm for anyone eager to improve their community. 

Cllr Lisa Spivey, Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Safety, said: “I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Crowdfund Cotswold's next funding round and a free workshop for anyone with ideas, BIG or small, to improve their neighbourhood. Crowdfund Cotswold has already delivered lots of amazing community projects and we are keen to support residents and groups to come forward with their ideas.

“Community-led projects have the power to transform the Cotswold District and make it an even better place to live, work, and visit. I have been awed at how well the community has come together already to support Crowdfund Cotswold. Since launching in 2021 the initiative has raised over £610,000 for 32 community projects across the district. 

“With the success of Crowdfund Cotswold, we would like to invite anyone with ideas to improve their local area to a free virtual workshop that we hope will inspire more creativity and innovation from our residents and local groups.

“The workshop is a great opportunity for passionate individuals and organisations to come together, learn from each other, and gain the knowledge and confidence to turn their ideas into reality. We are excited to see what new ideas will emerge from this event and the positive impact it will have on our community."

If you have a project idea or want to learn more about Crowdfund Cotswold, please sign up for the free virtual workshop now. Book your place on the Crowdfund Cotswold - Project Creator Workshop.

During the workshop, attendees will:

  • Discover the vision behind Crowdfund Cotswold and its potential to empower communities.
  • Find out how you can pitch for up to £10,000 from the Cotswold Community Fund.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the project submission process and the evaluation criteria.
  • Learn tips and strategies for creating compelling crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Join interactive breakout rooms to access specialised support for your project.

The virtual workshop promises to be an engaging and informative session, equipping participants with the knowledge and inspiration they need to shape the future of their local area. 

What is Crowdfund Cotswold?

Crowdfund Cotswold is an online community crowdfunding platform, launched by Cotswold District Council in partnership with Spacehive, where residents, local businesses, the council and other organisations can all pledge money alongside each other to crowdfund projects that improve their neighbourhoods. 

What type of projects can Crowdfund Cotswold support?

  • Crowdfund Cotswold projects need to be local and serve a community purpose. Projects can be simple and creative such as a street mural or community garden, or more ambitious such as hosting large community events or feasibility studies.
  • What's important is that your project is tangible. People who back your campaign will want to see where their money is going. The more people your project appeals to, the more chance you stand of running a successful crowdfunding campaign.
  • Projects must be in the UK and can be led by any type of organisation or individual, you do not have to be a charity. 
  • Looking for inspiration? The Crowdfund Cotswold project archive will give you a flavour of the types of projects that crowdfund with us.
  • Not quite sure about your idea? Tell us about it via this short form. We’ll look over it and offer advice on how best to proceed.

Contact Information

Cotswold District Council Communications Team

Notes to editors

About Spacehive:

  • Spacehive is a specialist funding platform for ideas that bring local civic and community spaces to life. Its vision is a world where anyone can shape their local area to create places that make people happy, proud and prosperous.
  • The platform operates a hybrid crowdfunding and grant-making platform that pools funds between councils, businesses, foundations and the local community to pay for projects that improve local places. Projects can range from building a new community centre, improving the local park, improving a playground, or putting on a street festival.
  • Spacehive is increasingly used by local authorities, companies and foundations, as the default way of financing civic and community facilities, since the model allows large numbers of people to shape their area and typically results in projects securing 4x more funding than if they were relying on council funds alone.